What is embodyment?

Our bodies are our first home. Sometimes in life we become disenchanted in our bodies detaching from our physical experience, often as a result of trauma. EmBODYment is the practice of coming back home to our bodies and aligning with our authentic selves. Some of the ways we practice EmBODYment are embracing each authentic body through body positive yoga where all bodies are celebrated and encouraged to release body shame by releasing clothes which can act as a mask.

Why soul?

Our souls are the source of our being. Aren´t you exhilarated by the possibility of manifesting your desires into a reality? This becomes our lived experience when we align our intentions with our actions. Linking internal self (soul) with the external (body). We become soulful embodied beings limitless and empowered!  


Phoenix Soul is a proud Afro Latina. A plant based Body Positive Vegan living on the island of Hawaii. She is an EmBODYment facilitator using breath-work, sonic healing, and yoga to cultivate healing spaces. Phoenix has led EmBODYment classes from Harvard University to Honolulu Hawaii. Her mission is to normalize nudity by desexualizing the body and embracing it freely and fearlessly through movement and mindful living. Her Body Positive classes create a safe environment for folx to heal and release shame in the body. By embodying authenticity she inspires others to love themselves wholly. 


Embodyment classes

EmBODYment classes are a brave space created for students to come together and liberate themselves from blockages and realign with their divinity. Classes are a combination of mediation, yoga, sonic healing to alleviate stress in the body and build confidence in self esteem. Classes range from Body Positive (Clothing Optional) to elemental yoga on the beautiful beach in Oahu, Hawaii. Does  walking in your true embodied power resonate with you? Join a session.

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