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What is Body Positive Yoga and Why?
Body Positive Yoga is a Clothing Optional Healing Space rooted in self love and forgiveness. Clothing Optional classes allow participants to embark on a self exploratory journey that releases the layers of ego. Clothing can act as a veil of restriction society places on us telling us to be ashamed of our bodies and hide our imperfections. Clothing Optional Yoga dissolves the need to hide and celebrates the rawness that is authentically you. Some people live their whole lives uncomfortable in their own skin, disconnected to their bodies. When we reconnect to our physical bodies we can truly drop into the present moment. That is what we are all reaching for, presence that is true enlightenment isn´t it? The ability to remain completely in the moment not attached to the future or past. 
Yoga reminds us to be here, now, uniting the mind, body and soul to a higher source.
Clothing Optional Yoga allows us to delve deeper into what we have been attaching to and let it go!

How did you get started with Body Love Offerings?
Phoenix: "I began teaching Yoga right out of my Teacher Training in 2017. It was a year later that a colleague and friend of mine invited me to attend his Naked Painted Yoga Class. 
Weary of the thought of being naked in Yoga positions around people I have never met. I told him I would think about it. See I have always been a nudist. My Momma will tell you, ever since I was little shes said to me¨you don´t ever want to wear no damn clothes"and things like ¨what if there´s ever a fire, you can´t sleep butt naked!¨. But I´d always felt comfortable and free being naked. Like my soul was born in the 60´s. 
But Yoga, naked, with strangers? So I sat on it. And spirit spoke to me and said let go of your fear of trying something vulnerable and new. You trust your friend, you are protected and supported, go paint and get naked and build community with people like you! SO I went, And my spirit was like a kid at recess, playful and free! 
A few short weeks later that same friend and I started our own mixed gender Naked Yoga classes and I have been teaching them ever since!
You do not have to be an experienced Yogi to attend my classes. You do not have to be a nudist to give it a try!
Whatever brought you to my website, whatever led you to my life is a sign that your spirit is ready to peel off old layers and be born again. 
So lets embark on this journey together. 
Sign up for one of my offerings and watch your soul soar un-apolegetically.

Born and raised in Boston Massachusetts. Phoenix currently lives in in Honolulu, Hawaii. She has been traveling the world exploring herself since she first studied abroad in Nicaragua her junior year of college.
Phoenix received her Bachelors of Arts in Psychology at the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2013.

Phoenix has enjoyed the freedom of being clothes free ever since she was a little girl. For Phoenix, being comfortable in your nakedness is true liberation. Feeling comfortable and safe in your body isn't

everyone's experience. Unfortunately most people in today age feel uncomfortable and trapped in their body due to trauma and societies unrealistic norms of beauty.
Her goal is support folx in releasing their trauma by providing safe space where they can be themselves, acknowledge the blockages, and be provided the tools to release and break free. She wants to normalize nakedness, guide others to feel confident and joyful in their bodies through movement and mindful practices. 

She says, "Through liberating ourselves we can uplift one another." 

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