I´ve spent the last 4 years committing to my self love journey. It began in 2016 when I was introduced to Yoga and breath work. It was that same year that I began my vegan journey and taught myself different styles of meditative art. That was the catalyst to my healing. I realized that mindfulness was deeper than physical practice for me, it was my relationship and connection to what I put inside of my body as well. In 2017 I obtained my 200hr Yoga Certification and began teaching within weeks of completing my training. I was eager to share with others the tools of mindfulness that my training gave to me. In 2019 I moved to Hawaii to teach yoga and have been living here and cultivating community ever since.


I accept that healing is a lifelong journey and through yoga, mindful art, and veganism I´ve come home to myself. I´ve taken control over my life and have seen such progress and healing in maintaining my self care practices.  

My passion is in helping people create and maintain their own healing regime. I facilitate safe healing spaces for people to delve deeper into the root of their discomfort. By using yoga, mindful art, and healthy eating I assist my students through their own spiritual and physical healing. 

Are you ready to take responsibility over your own healing and become intentional in how you use your energy?  Check out my services and give yourself permission to invest in your healing. 

They say you can be reborn again at any given moment. That rebirth can happen time and time again. Well I am a testament to that. I have witnessed my death, rebirth, self acceptance and surrender all in one breath.


See there´s this universal fear about starting over that often prevents people from reaching the pinnacle of their freedom.

But the beautiful thing about starting fresh is that you have complete and utter control every step of the journey. What you do with your energy and how you spend your time is completely up to you. So you are both the farmer and the crop. Your harvest relies solely on you. 

This reality takes self responsibility and self love. I am not talking about whats trending on social media for Self care Sunday or even ¨good vibes only¨. It´s accepting the things you cannot change and taking responsibility for the things that you can. It´s treating your body like your temple, being particular about what things you put inside of it, what people you share time and space with, being intentional with your words and being kind to yourself from the way you think to how you speak about yourself. Self love is a unconditional relationship you are building with yourself to honor your higher self.

Transformation isn't an overnight experience it takes time, practice and patience with yourself. But I will tell you finding stillness in silence, seeing the lesson in painful uncomfortable moments, and giving your best every step of the way will get you there. 

© 2018 Phoenix Soulfire Art

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