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I would recommend Phoenix's classes to Yoga practitioners. I learned a lot from her. Since I stared with her, I became more flexible, durable and positive. While I do have ways to go, I believe Phoenix put me in the right direction.”

-Steve M.

Steve M./ Student


Kwado, Student

My most noted experience so far is the return of mobility in my neck. I carry a lot of stress in my neck and she has helped me tremendously with that. I enjoy doing the pose she taught me because it was new to me and it definitely works for me. Right now my goal is to accomplish the Lotus Pose and I am on my way with Phoenix Soul’s help. I have taken clothing optional yoga classes before so I was not nervous about taking her classes and I enjoy her as an instructor.


Marisol, Student

I have taken a few mixed gender, clothing optional classes led by or co-facilitated by Phoenix and they have all been really great experiences! She creates a safe and supportive environment allowing you to move your body and be yourself in a very vulnerable yet comfortable way. It felt very freeing and affirming to share this experience with other naked beings as nature intended. I personally love feeling free and naked in my home, and to have another space outside of my home where I could feel the same way without any body shaming or judgement was really special. To me, these classes embody self love and self acceptance and also remind me that it’s okay to let down my barriers, take off my masks and let people see the real me.


Leo, Student

From her earliest experiences with naked yoga, Phoenix learned that most naked events are primarily attended by white cisgender men. As a woman of color who loves being naked, she has made it her mission to provide offerings that invite all to participate, but always includes a special welcome to all women, all people of color, and all genders.

As for the practice itself, Phoenix emphasizes throughout that each yogi is at choice in each moment. Participants are encouraged to find the practice that best suits them.

I would recommend these classes to anyone. Beginners, seasoned practitioners, and everyone in between will find the practice to be fun and challenging, and the community so warmly welcoming.

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