Who you are is not defined by where you have been

1. Realize

Where you´ve been doesn´t define who you are.

Often times we describe ourselves as products of the choices we have made along the way.

I am here to remind you


In life, we make decisions based off of where we are in the present moment. And we make them to the best of our ability.

Every decision we have made is a reflection of where we were when we made the decision.

2. Accept

I have made decisions in the past based out of FEAR.

I have made decisions in the past based in feeling LACK.

I have made decisions in the past based in scarcity mindset.

The decisions I made were in a mode of survival not thriving.

The choices I made were in avoidance not based in abundance.

3. Notice

I am noticing

that the ways I responded in the past were a reflection of where I was in that moment.

that when I slow down I am capable to see what arises in moments of discomfort.

that when I come from a place of noticing I can gracefully stay tuned into what is true.

3. Release

The womxn I was has gotten me to this point yes, and I am grateful for her along this journey, however SHE IS NOT ME. I look back now on some of the decisions I have made and no l longer resonate with that person.

I release self critique of decisions I made that were unsavory.

I release past partners out of my energy field that has held up space in my