What we feed ourselves is Body Love

Body Love is far deeper than what we look like. Body Love is how we nourish our bodies inside and out.

I have been Vegan for 5 years now.

Quite frankly the longest commitment I have made in my life (outside of school).

For me, that's a big ass deal! 5 years of straight commitment.

When I decided to go Vegan I had no doubts or fears about it.

So I said "If I can go Vegan on my favorite holiday of the year, Indigenous day (Thanksgiving) with all my favorite foods in one place...I can do it any day, always."

When our spirits are connected with something our hearts know no fear, it is our minds who plays tricks on us.

So when I moved home from Thailand in 2016 I went "cold turkey" Vegan on Indigenous Day.

And trust it was as simple as that for me.

Was the Mac n Cheese smelling good?? Uh hell yeah!

Was the yams calling my name? You better believe it.

But not once did I doubt or reconsider my decision. Because it was in my heart.

And I've been on that journey ever since.

A lot of folks are wanting a more conscious healthy lifestyle and diet.

And trust me, you're making it way harder than it needs to be!

Our minds are good at finding 10 negative things that oppose a single positive thought, we are conditioned with doubt and fear of greatness.

But let me tell you, if I can do it being raised in a Puerto Rican household where meat is a staple, summers we went to "Lechons" (Pig Roasts) as a cultural tradition, and eating meat and starch was more affordable on food stamps, then SO CAN YOU!

I am no better no more equipped than you, but I will tell you I am determined. And that my friend no blog post can give you, that comes from within you.

You have to truly want it in your heart or else there's no point wasting time talking about it.

So, as a lot of you may have noticed during this season of "Dating Myself", I have been learning to really cook. Not play play "oh that's cute she can make pasta." Like full on recipes that make me feel inspired, healthy, and taste good!

How is cooking Body Love?

Cooking with natural and wholesome ingredients is a form of intentionality. Plants, fruits, and vegetables give us the long lasting energy, and health we need!

They want fast food to continue to be convenient and cheap.

Because when we eat fast food it creates unhealthy habits.

We all know the system feeds off of our unhealthy habits, without it we couldn't employ doctors, there would be no need for pharmaceuticals, and funeral services (not to be dark) but these billion dollar industries thrive off of our unhealthy lifestyles that eventually lead to early death.


I know ya'll came here for truth.

I'm not going to suga coat it, neva.

When we make conscious healthy decisions about what we put into our bodies, that's a form of unconditional love. We are telling our bodies we are worthy of healthy long lasting life!

Our bodies store memories.

The more we nourish our bodies the more we grow to accept our bodies for the natural beauties they are. We begin to release the need to compare our bodies and negative talk around body image.

We notice changes it in our skin, hair, physic, and energy.

If that's not worth committing to, then what is??