The time of the Goddess

Who are you in this very moment?

Is the question they asked us to write down as we entered the front door of the performance space


I am earth, rooted

I am the rays of the sun shinning my love while simultaneously the flower blooming by the rays of the affectionate sun

I am powerful

I am inquisitive

I am the breeze moving through the space with intention and gentleness

I am the feather effortlessly coexisting with the breeze

I am listening, taking in

I am sound vibrating off of these sacred walls while protecting and embodying every Goddess who walks through these doors

I am space between feet and ground

I am the thankful

I am forgiving

I am the sweet hello and everlasting goodbye

I am peaceful

I am realizing that I am in everything and that everything is in me

Thank you for the beautiful beings who sent me this symbol to remind me of who I CHOOSE to be in every moment and that I always have the choice

We aren’t confined to other’s imaginations or perceptions of us

We are forever evolving and can reinvent ourselves whenever we choose

I choose to be soft, kind, forgiving, and free

this doesn’t look one particular way nor can it be represented through a single narrative. I am my own story teller and honor myself to speak my truth.

Who do you choose to be in this very moment?

-Memoirs of a Firebird