Manifestations of a love unleashed

What if I told you


You could manifest the love of your dreams

That the love you seek isn´t far from reach

That you could manifest this love as you speak

Would you believe me?

Do you believe in love unleashed?

A love so divine that it seeps out your pores as you breath


Here´s the key

Become the love that you seek

Spend time with you

redefine your souls values

discover what makes your spirit dance

drape yourself in romance

write scriptures of the love untold

the love that only your heart knows

forgive yourself for the times you weren´t kind to you

release all the poison you´ve long held onto

kiss your beautiful skin

give thanks for the lessons

and love on yourself

massage your mind

and recognize

that when you pour into your self

you will evoke that love

and unleash that beautiful beast

that you seek