How to love the skin you’re in: Part 1

There’s no secret recipe for learning to love the skin YOU’RE in. Each body has it‘s own journey. However, I have been living a body accepting lifestyle for over 10 years and am here to share with you helpful tips for anyone wanting to practice more body love and live an embodied life.

This is a process and with time and patience you will see results. Don’t expect to read this once and automatically change your life. Progress takes practice and grace.


Root yourself

Take a moment to ground yourself. Whatever it is that guided you here, remember you are exactly where you are supposed to be. breathe.

inhale: I am here

exhale: I am home in my body

relax your shoulders. Repeat. When you are ready, continue reading. There’s no rush!

Part 1: Learn how to breathe

Often times, we hold our breath when we feel stressed. It triggers our bodies into survival mode. When we go into survival we react. The body holds memory and sometimes a traumatic experience we thought we were over can stay stored in our bodies memory holding on and causing tension, pain, and discomfort.

When we learn the power of the breath we can take control of our lives. No longer becoming victims to unfortunate circumstances and become responsive from a peaceful place.

No one taught us how to breath when we were born. We learned it on our own.

So can we not relearn?

Learning to breathe from our diaphragm , a big belly breath is both restorative to the nervous system and helps us feel peace in our bodies.

When we practice the breath consciously throughout the day we notice a healthy flow in our digestive system allowing us to release toxins stored in the body and feel centered in our life.

When we constantly release stress and toxins in the body we start to notice our body speaking to us more clearly, we just have to listen. It’ll tell us what foods we need. It’ll give us signs about people even without them speaking, our body and intuition will reveal answers to us.

When we are centered in the breath we can make more mindful decisions about what foods we feed the body and learn the specific recipe for our own body health.

All of these are rooted in the breath. When we root in the breath we can begin to feel confident and safe in our bodies.

Do you have a mindfulness routine?

A great place to begin is incorporating breath work into your day. if this is new for you, start small and expand with time.

When creating a new habit it’s not enough to say I will breath more. It’s too vague and you most likely won’t stick to it.

Get specific:

I will breath mindfully for 2 minutes when I wake up in the morning in bed. 1. Set a task (breathe)

2. Time (2 minutes)

3.When (right when I wake up)

4. Place (in bed)

This well thought out intentional plan you are more likely to follow through with.

Start small! Start with 2 minutes. With time expand. Don‘t tell yourself you don’t have time. When we do this we reinforce the idea that our bodies and life isn’t worth two minutes of self care. Is that true for you? Your body isn’t worth investing time to healing and feeling good? Then why reinforce it. Relearn to reinforce the truth. Affirmation: My body is worth self care and deserves to feel good.

Start with the breath today and we’ll go from there.

We often feel we need to have all the answers NOW!

We spend time and energy into “get rich quick schemes“.

We buy into this idea we can heal our entire life in one book, in a few minutes. No, it takes time to integrate the material, to implement new practices, and grace along the way to truly change your life. We rush the process and skip the foundations. So start here.

From here we will have the rooting to move into deeper practices that will require some unraveling.

*A lot of us have deep rooted trauma connected to our bodies that cause us to feel disconnected and uncomfortable. In order to get there safely we have to create a frame work. Just like in every yoga practice before we go into asana (poses) we start with the breath. Breath is the birth place.

We are learning to love our bodies one breath at a time together.

You are right where you are supposed to be my friend. Remember that.

Your body is perfect today.