Dear Goddess

Dear Goddess,

Some days it seems that opening your star lit eyes and grounding your feet to rise up out of bed is the hardest thing to do.

Dear goddess,

When you feel weary like the weight of the world is pressed against your shoulders and your knees seem to tremble beneath you like quakes of the earth, quick sand seems to drown you as your thoughts surround you negativity about the things that you would could or should do…

know that you are not alone.

That there is

a circle of sisterhood that surrounds you from your great great grandmother down to strangers you have never met. WE got you.

So breath deeply my sister,

you are seen

you are heard

and you are felt.

To the depths of our souls WE SEE you.

And on the days that your petals seem to wither and your soil and brittle

Hold yourself sister.

You are crafted of the richest from our mama earth, infused with crystal quartz, embellished with the finest glimpses of gold. Your very being sister radiates this planet.

So breath and know that you are loved beyond what you can imagine. For your very being is what radiates this world.

We got you sister.

Photo: @HawaiiCrush