It’s been a minute since I sat down to write

To be honest,

I was quite hesitate

To recite the

The poetry I call life

Many sleepless nights

And long days catered to insights

I blink and arrive back at that fight

If only our yells and screams had been hugs

And deep breathes

If we could pause arrive back in the moment and reset

If broken glass were dandelions

Scattered across the floor

If I could open up my chest and show you my heart once more

I didn’t want you to leave. But when tongues were used as swords

words became an act of war

And I’m no soldier

I don’t Want to fight

but they say hindsight is the best insight


If I could do it all again.

I’d let you leave

the moment your heart lost faith in you and me.

I still send you love even in my dreams

I pray you are healing your heart

So that broken mirror becomes a mosaic of the pieces that are you,

living art.


I love you

I’m sorry

Forgive me

I am grateful

Mahalo for your love

Photo: Kyel G. Bracero