The Glass Rose Day 3/30

A 30 Day detox from ALL that no longer serves you

If you missed the introduction (see "Day 2" here)

Day 3: Protect your peace.

The radiant flower before you is not unbreakable you see

a rare rose with tints of carnelian

is a mere reflection of the beauty cloaked by a beast

if this were a fairy tale you would pluck its petals to reveal the true being beneath

But this, is real life and this glass rose is a reminder that there are vulnerable and sometimes fragile stages on the journey we seek

So walk as if your feet were kissing the earth and choose your surroundings wisely

It’s okay to move silently and take a rest, for this path is one often sought but rarely traveled none the less

There will be magic and enchanting characters on this voyage but it is not companionship you yearn for, it’s your inner peace

Dear Queen,

Be wise, travel lightly, let go of baggage along the way and know that…

Today doesn’t determine tomorrow, always move at your own pace.


I am in control

I am protected

I am brave

I am blossoming into a stronger version of me

I am safe and supported

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