The Empty Cup Day 1/30

A 30 Day detox from ALL that no longer serves you

Day 1: Call out your own shit!

“Usually, the problems we have with someone else is an underlying issue we have with ourselves.” -A person who calls out their own shit

That shit: “I don’t understand how we created boundaries and I said in plain English what I do not want and he still crossed boundaries anyway. I made myself clear and communicated what things in this “situationship” were a go and what was an absolute No. And yet, he does what he pleases, without any consideration of my experience. He’s selfish, untrustworthy, and not worth my time.” -The blame pointer (emotional, reactive me)

I’m done with him…

Let’s change our thoughts. Thoughts spew out into words. Let’s change our words. Words transform into actions. Our actions can shape our experience. We allow our experiences to become our reality. We stay stuck in a single story.

Back to this man. NOW, What is the REAL ISSUE HERE?

I am upset with self. For ignoring my intuition to take a break after my last partner before beginning a new interaction with this man. I am hurt because I put trust in him when he hadn’t earned it yet. I am disappointed with me for giving my cup when it had nothing left to give.

I recognize that I have been giving more to others than I have myself. Putting time and energy into fostering relationships when my soul is yearning for depth, nourishment , and uninterrupted me time.

Often times we desire others to fill what is lacking from our own self care practice. We project our impurities, and flaws on others and then blame them for our unhappiness.

Did he cross a boundary? Hell yes. Do I have a right to be upset with him, YUP. However, is it with him I am truly upset? No, It’s myself who I am angry with. I’ve been running from being with myself. Desperate for someone to fill my cup. Quite frankly, enough’s a fucking nough.

-Healing starts when you are ready to confront your own bullshit. Sit with self and work through it. Day by day.

So here it goes.


I am rooted to this earth

All that I seek in him is already in me

I am connected to source

It’s up to me to allow my third eye to breath

I am full of life


And my soul seeks spiritual liberation

I deserve it

I am deserving.