The Earthing Stage Day 2/30

A 30 Day detox from ALL that no longer serves you

Day 2: Replenish Your Energy.

I’m a Virgo. And if there’s one thing we all have in common it’s that we are (over) thinkers — for me, most times. I’ve spent the past few days contemplating life, categorizing things in my mind, reshaping and shifting my thoughts. And that shit is exhausting! I’ve been on this part of the journey before, when feelings never evolve into action to heal. Without having a plan my thoughts stay as unresolved issues, I become self destructive and critical.

I don’t want to continue learning the hard way. I can change my thoughts. I can transform my analysis into reflection, and begin action planning. Think less, do more. For myself, I know staying organized is crucial to my mental health. I deserve mental clarity. So I created a plan to cleanse my mind and body, nourish my soul, and love myself. I’ve decided to go through a Detox for 30 Days so that I can focus and give myself measurable goals for my cleansing journey.

Day 1 I set an intention to set intentions. Not only will I acknowledge the issues but I will appreciate my growth and have fun in the process.

If you missed the introduction (see “Day 1 here” )

Here’s an outline of the things I’m letting go of in no particular order:


Junk food



Excessive use of Social Media

These are over arching themes of things I recognize need some refocusing. Each day reveals a lesson I am learning, the over arching theme(s) and practical actions.

This blog is a daily challenge to speak my truth in a consistent way. I’m reminding myself to share my thoughts out loud, even if no one reads this, I got my shit out. That’s the point. Decluttering and reorganizing my mind so that my energy can be used on healthier choices. When I write and reflect I have a better grasp on my feelings. When I understand my feelings I am less reactive in emotional situations. I exert a lot of energy during the day, it’s time to replenish and restore.

Here are a few ways I plan to replenish my soul.

  1. Make time for sleep. With adequate sleep I feel better, look better, and I can get more done in a day! You ever try to “get work done” when you’re exhausted? Yeah…it never goes well for me. My shit is usually half assed when I do things without giving it the time and attention it deserves. Well rested = productive. I am aiming for 7–8 hours of sleep per night.

  2. Practice my crafts. This means actually sitting down to create and release. Today I painted a gift for a friend and after spent time painting pieces for an upcoming art show. I made time for creative play and work.

  3. Listen to my body! It is constantly giving me insight and cues as to what it needs in order to re-boost. For example, today I woke up from a raunchy dream with a wet pair of pants and a cotton mouth. So I called my Vegan, very earthy friend and asked him to get me a juice for re-hydrating. Not only did he come through with the perfect natural juice mixed with greens like celery, cucumber, and apples, and the fix all, ginger but he brought over the most juicy watermelon. That was the perfect combination of energy, hydration and grounding. The watermelon soothed my root chakra. The rooting feeling I needed to feel connected again after my sexual energy had been off the past few days. I needed to start at the root and ease my way to my sacral chakra to balance out my emotional body, creativity, and sensuality.

4. Finally, just being alone. Unstructured, quality time with myself without the internet. Social media requires a response most of the time. It can subconsciously put you in a critical state of constant comparing, and it’s an easy way to loose track of your time. One way I practiced this today was not using my phone while eating and ate in silence. I put intention behind enjoying my food uninterrupted.


I am watering my roots and tending to my soil

I am replenishing my soul

I am forever learning

Quality time is sexy

I am blooming

Word of the day


Who is really an expert in life? We all change and grow, some of us are hard headed and resist the flow. I believe the sooner I allow myself to let go, the more free I become.

So I’m done paddling up stream. Who’s with me?

-Memoirs of a Firebird