The Woman made of fire

i can admit that i still struggle with stepping out of my own shit when dealing with others

that, i can admit.

i can recognize that even though I am a yoga instructor, there are times I feel less like Buddha and more like Rocky Balbao, talk is the last thing on my mind

that, i can recognize.

i can see how when i’m IN my emotions and reactive there’s no chance to practice empathy

that, i can see.

But i can also let you know that i will NOT be taken advantage of. That my kindness and true commitment to work on these things will not be over shadowed by your lack of give a fuck.

There are times i miss opportunities to speak my truth because i refrain from speaking out of anger because i have seen the scars of my reactivity on the ones i care for

i have wallowed in the pits of my own demise while picking up the pieces to shattered hearts.

However, enough is enough. i am no longer that person. i am no longer who i used to want to be. i am however the spitting imagine of who I am meant to be and nowhere in that biography is there a note that says TRY ME

i would not recommend it.

before you a beautiful beast has been born,

one whom is reflective,

works her hardest to empathize,

practices compassion and compersion,

and understands energy far more that your words are deep.

So please, have respect for me as i try my best to have for you, call me out when you feel mistreated, or misunderstood, have patience as not all discomfort is intentional, sometimes a projection of you.

But, be advised that these lips have been pressed with hesitation for too long

And the fire that you ignite is not one to be calmed.

For there’s nothing more powerful than a Woman

who speaks her mind

and listens to her heart.

She is born from the flames and the fire gave birth to her art.

-Memoirs of a Firebird

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