The funny thing about falling in love

The funny thing about falling in love is that I find it easier to open my heart to another being than to find enjoyment in being alone. I find it more appealing allowing myself to be submerged in another beings universe rather than fully sink into the intricacies of my own mind. I find it more worth while to continuously play this game of falling in love over and over again with another soul rather than delve deeper and deeper into my owns spirits playground.

I know less about myself then I do about my previous partners. More about what I don’t like then what fuels my spirit. I would rather sit in a room full of you and your thoughts then be still in my own.

Until I burned out.

After countless years of diving into other worlds and falling in love with the complexities of others. I realized I give pieces of me I have yet to know. Parts of a whole I do not know much about.

And decided I can no longer give to others what I have not fed my own soul.

Now, it is a time to rest, replenish, and find the joy in falling in love with self every step of the process. Cause the cycle of falling in love without true exploration and love for self isn’t a funny thing at all. It’s as funny as a butterfly without a wing. A penguin that’s afraid to swim and daisy’s that never see spring.

So far, it can be lonely but I know I am not alone. It can be daunting but the times when I embrace the uncertainty is when I find the most clarity.

The funny thing about falling in love with self is, you unleash an infinite amount of life partners because you learn to fall in love with you every step of the way.

I’m not sure who I will evolve into tomorrow but I choose to open my heart to the being I am today to make room for growth and change.

Peace and love

-Memoirs of a firebird