The beauty in NOT "having it all figured out"

There’s this suffocating false reality lingering around, the one that depicts happiness as a means of knowing; where you want to be, with whom you want to be with, what you want to do. For the average person who is constantly changing, these things change often! So why is happiness measured by a constantly changing variable? Seems ass backwards right? My sentiments exactly. So here’s what I’ve learned about myself in finding peace with NOT having it all figured out. YOU DON’T HAVE TO! Stop feeling like you do.

There is beauty in the adventure. Learning to be completely present in this moment has been monumental for my growth as a young woman. Not feeling obligated to have a response, one unchanging path, or be settled into one opportunity brings a layer of tranquility to your life that you wouldn’t believe. We spend too much time trying to figure out exactly what we want to be instead of JUST being. Too often are we focused to the future instead of enjoying life’s precious moments on a second to second basis. Too frequently are we deep into thought of past experiences that we forget what is truly important in this very moment we are living in.

I have just completed 27 years of age in this body. To some that may be a whole lot of living to others not at all. And in reality, it doesn’t matter. My experiences are unique to me and I have decided not to waste anymore time not cherishing them by concerning myself with past and future. I am who I am today and that may change tomorrow, heck the day after too but what will keep me refreshed and vibrant is finding peace in the process, falling in love with the present me everyday, and honoring myself with mindfulness in the present moment.

Peace and love ya’ll

-Memoirs of a firebird

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