The hardest part about being alone

The most difficult part about being alone is not the solitude, its realizing your true potential. When we realize our power we have the decision to make; walk in the path of greatness or to settle knowingly for less than. I know, Right? It’s easier to float through life unaware rather than choose freedom everyday.

Choosing freedom everyday means you deliberately move towards love when you are hurt, it means you choose light when darkness follows you, it means you choose to forgive instead of fight sometimes. When we sit with self we have the ability to see clearly which choices serve us along our paths. For me, seeing the bird rise from the fiery flames and rise again and again means I have to take responsibility, and that journey has been one that takes courage and strength. One that I've realized cannot be mastered in any relationship, no matter how beautiful he may be, but a path that I must walk alone channeling the goddess of fire inside me.

I just completed 27 years of life in this body! Throughout those magical years I have yet to spend ample time outside of a romantic and committed relationship. I’ve never just dated me. Folks told me to take time for myself, learn to enjoy being single, be happy and free. Its not that there is no freedom in a relationship because I have been empowered and supported through my personal journeys and ventures by my partners.

My most recent partner was a major spark in my creativity. He motivated me to be great in every aspect of the journey, and was there, the rooted trunk to my tree when my branches fell beside my feet. He was the fire to my firebird and his love and enthusiasm helped me come back to me. So its not relationships that pose a problem, its when being in one takes precedent over the love I honor to self. Giving to someone becomes too much only because you haven’t showered yourself with unconditional love and affirmations. So what is the resolution? Increase the time and love I give to myself daily because I am worthy of this eternal freedom I seek. Take the journey alone to find unconditional self love that will live on long after my soul has left this body. Be the love that is innately me. So in realizing my true potential I choose this voyage of solitude and to fearlessly face myself in this journey.

I choose to encompass compassion and acceptance for self

I choose to face everything and avoid nothing

I choose to honor the gleam of radiant light that is inside of me

I choose responsibility

Peace to all

-Memiors of a firebird