The artwork of a broken heart

They say the best artwork comes from the artist with a broken heart. I believe otherwise. I believe the best artwork comes from the creative genius who realizes they are unbreakable.

In breakups we go through stages right? We go through; sorrow, anger, longing, loneliness and then one day we realize we deserve utter happiness. So we take steps in the direction to fill our time productively, surround ourselves around positivity, and stop feeling bad for ourselves by doing things that evoke happiness.

My art took an evolutionary pivot not when I was feeling down in the dumps and missing my partner to the point of heartache. I stepped into my most creative self only when I stepped out of that. Why do I say this? Because when we are feeling negativity in any form its not because the lack there of something i.e the loss of your sweetheart, or the pain the relationship caused YOU. No, whenever we feel discomfort its because we aren’t in true alignment with our internal beings who are constantly blissful and tranquil. We are fighting against our true selves.

I am an eternal being of peace and love. My light is forever shinning but when we focus on the lack of something we dim that light within. In my heartache and breakups I’ve realized one thing that turned my creativity into artistry, “I may bend, but I do NOT break”, under any circumstances. I have the power and strength to grow through any experience that comes my way and come out even more vibrant and luminous because my choice to learn from it and be free.

Breakups suck man! To feel like you are “losing” a connection with someone. But I choose to practice non attachment. The practice of compersion means you care so deeply for someone that you are happy for their happiness, and realize that it is not dependent upon you. You can feel aligned with someone without needing them, without loving them situationally but, unconditionally.

On this path, I choose empathy, I choose freedom, I choose everlasting love.

So to my previous partner who I have grown to love endlessly and graciously. I wish you all the joy and love. You are simply the most radiant being and I am humbled to walk this path along side you my friend. Whether it be close proximity or far my heart hopes freedom for yours. I love you. I align you.

-Memoirs of a fire bird