The painful beauty in letting go

One of the hardest things is letting go. We carry memories, associations, and experiences with us throughout our entire lives. What’s painful is when what we attach ourselves to prevents us from evolving into our true selves, beings of peace and love. We allow past experiences to create negative associations and we are unable to approach situations with love and openness. We close ourselves off.

I have experienced trauma in my life. Trauma from childhood that still lingers and reveals itself in current relationships and interactions. Trauma that I have prescribed to myself as who I am. We all experience discomfort and heartache but why is it that we allow those experience to become how we identify and WHO we are? We call ourselves by these labels as if it is embedded in us forever, as if they are a means of our souls natural being.

My yoga teacher David Vendetti at South Boston Yoga asked us to make a list of all the ways in which we describe ourselves, “who are you?” We gave answers like; survivor, addiction, and anxiety. Looking at the list he asked us “which of those items on the list were we every single day?” The answer was none of them. We are however many things everyday like,a thinker, whether conscious or subconsciously we are always processing information and living, we woke up this morning to flourish another day. We carry along with us the pain of our past and allow it to hinder us from what is true, we are innately beings of peace, love, and beauty.

So I challenge you to take just a moment, a pause before your next breath and allow yourself to dismantle this system of holding on. My experiences do not shape but teach me. My trauma does not classify me it guides me to strength and awareness. I choose to be free of the past because there is a remarkable beauty in letting go.

-Memoirs of a fire bird