The infinite lover, the soul

They say our souls have infinite ability to love, love that is unconditional. Where did we learn otherwise? That we have one and only one true love, that when we are no longer romantic then we are no longer connected.

As hard as it is ending a physical and romantic relationship with someone we love I am realizing that we have no control over who our souls intertwine with. We have no real ability to cease a connection that is as organic now that you no longer text or see each-other as it was when you used to flutter at the very sight of that person.

There is a negative connotation around “detachment” but what if we changed our relationship to love and past loves and simply practice unconditional love for an individual and their experience rather than their active role in our lives?

This is a practice I am choosing everyday. True love isn’t dependent nor is it temporary so when I began to relax into the understanding that my soul loves because it sees the soul being in all of its beauty not the physical and all of our attachments.

I learned about the Law of Volition in my yoga teacher training, choose freedom first. So I honor the fire bird who soars fearless inside of me and I choose to let go and let love.

It’s a moment to moment choice that reveals itself in different forms everyday, but the reality is, until we can love unconditionally without expectation and or reservation we are tiptoeing around spiritual liberation.

Past loves, present partners, and future connections, I honor the individual and vibrant light that is you.

-Memoirs of a fire bird

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