The profound simplicity of breath

"The pause before breath is the moment before rebirth." Two days into my yoga teacher training and BOOM. Something so simple can have such a profound impact on your experience. Why is it that we can breathe without thinking, yet in moments of stress and tension we forget to? It comes to us innately, yet we are triggered into states emotion and we hold onto the breath, preventing the release, thus our growth.

Yoga is a vehicle for evolution, it reminds you to come back to breath and ground yourself in the fluidity of life. We inhale and lengthen, opening up our hearts and exhale into love and freedom. The pause before our next breath allows us to ground ourselves in the present and root ourselves in acceptance . This process illuminates the way for rebirth of the soul.

Through yoga I have found tranquility. I have developed the strength to reestablish my relationship to self. Previously attaching myself to labels like, anxious, disorganized, and impatient. Breath in yoga has provided me the space to expand my creativity and find power in my ever changing and unique qualities. Through this I have found peace in knowing that before every breath I have the choice to be exactly who it is I want to be. And with every exhale I relax and am reborn again vibrant and free.

-Memoirs of a fire bird

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